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The Stalker

Tanqueray wanted to create a little bit of love around their brand and get people talking about it. Brands often send bloggers gifts in an attempt to get them to talk about them but these are often generic and brand focused. But since Tanqueray is quite a cheeky brand that is always looking for ways to stir things up, we decided to take this common occurrence and turn it on its head, by taking the attention away from us and placing it on the bloggers. With personalised Valentines gift boxes ensured that Tanqueray got lots and lots of love in the online world.

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iNumber Number

One Man's Fight Against Every Man's Temptation

We were asked to create hype around the release of local action movie, iNumber Number. A movie that deals with South Africa’s vast corruption battle and the moral conflict people are often faced with – the choice between money and integrity. We decided to bring the storyline of the movie to life by making our own money that included all the details of the film and used our money to create a look and feel for all our collateral.

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Salvation Army

Cover Drive

Every year the Salvation Army collect blankets for the homeless. While these collections normally happen during winter, we asked: why not start collecting before they’re needed most? And attended an international T20 cricket game. Based on the insight that people bring blankets to sit on while they watch the cricket, and moving away from the traditional “please donate” tactics, we developed the simple message of “leave your blanket behind” – which we then printed on our own blankets that were placed around the stadium for people to see and interact with.

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Edible Billboard

The African Children Feeding Scheme puts food on the tables of many hungry South Africans. KOO, a proud supporter of this organisation, wanted to create awareness around their good work and let people know how they can help. But all they had was a billboard. So on World Food Day, we turned it into South Africa’s first edible billboard, by filling the 6m x 3m structure with 2106 KOO cans. The cans were then handed out to the members of the Dobsonville community.