Our Belief

We believe that creativity has the power to transform human behaviour.

This business is about people, purpose and participation.

We use storytelling to create participation between people and brands.

We call it HumanKind (tm)

Creativity has the power to transform human behavior.

This is the core belief of what we call HumanKind. It's not about advertising or brand propositions or selling products. It's about people and purpose. It's an approach to marketing that serves true human needs, not the other way around.

That's why everything we do for brands is designed with a human purpose in mind. A brand without purpose is one that will never be understood or embraced by people. A brand with purpose can be a true agent of change and transform the way people think, feel or act. A brand with a true HumanKind purpose can change the world. Our dream is to be the best creator of ideas that truly move people - bar none.